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From websites, branding, strategies, and design for Indoor Cycling Studios, CrossFit Boxes, Boxing Studios, Training Gyms, HIT facilities to nutritionist, coaches and alternative wellness and Medicine Practices.

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With dynamic and unique knowledge about the fitness industry, the company's passion for every aspect of the health and fitness industry is second to none.

Our focus on fitness stems from a holistic view of the business, in which personal well being is as important as a streamlined website and powerhouse business model. The nuts and bolts approach means that every bespoke Charlie Green Design® website appeals to target athletic audiences for its ease of use and seamless design.

Our passion for fitness combined with many years of experience in the creative field has giving us the opportunity to work with different fitness studios and fitness professionals around the world. Some of the people in our team are also personal trainers, runners, crossfitters, Triathletes, indoor cycling instructors and nutritionist. We know what you need. We know what your clients want and are looking for. If you are looking for your next studio website creation or need help with your fitness services strategy, corporate design, or creative approach, look no further! We are here to help.

We live, eat and breathe fitness, period!

Some of our client's success

Attention to detail

Our years of experience have taught us that regardless of the field you are working in, the online experience a business creates for its clients is what makes or breaks a digital enterprise. Fluid, creative and user-friendly design is key to the most complicated or simplest of projects. A logo, a business plan, a unique brand concept- all these are pivotal elements that are effective only with the kind of realistic design approach we at Charlie Green Design® are known for.

Step by step, we work with our clients to keep their brand and plan in line by maximizing our skills in user experience design, BUSINESS and digital marketing.