Frequently asked questions for fitness websites and logo creation.

What’s included in the service?

Think about you are hiring the best team of experts that will help you think, create, design, develop and deploy everything you need in order to get your business website up and running in the time frame you need! We will talk directly with your preferred scheduling system in order to integrate them in the system as well as taking care of your domain setup, email setup through Google Apps, Mailchimp setup for all your email marketing campaigns and much more. When you hire us we make sure you have no friction, delays or frustrations in your digital process. 

What about logo designs for FITNESS Studios?

Our services for logo strategy and designs for Fitness customers includes the entire creative process including collaborating and helping the client with name creation. Depending on the type and level of branding creation we will include a series of mock-ups for different applications as well as decals designs to cover windows (if necessary) for pre-construction or remodel services.

Can I send you ideas of what I want for my logo?

Yes you can, you will be able to provide a briefing and feedback in a specific form about your desire colors, ideas and needs. After this information is submitted we suggest not to keep sending "more ideas” or more images regarding future possible logos - this will only create friction in the design and development process of what you already provide in the previous feedback form and will interrupt the creative momentum tremendously bringing the possibility to have a non- desirable or not smart output for your future brand. You will be part of the creative process providing all the feedback during the check-in meetings. This will help us be more efficient in the iteration process. Rest assure that we will create something that you will feel comfortable but more than that, we will create something that work and give to your business the brand recognition as well as the brand awareness you are looking for. REMEMBER, YOU HIRE US BECAUSE YOU TRUST US!

How can I start with my website if I don’t have any content to provide yet?

It will be ideal to count with most of the content from the very beginning, however if you don’t have the content ready - that is not a problem, we can always provide mockup pictures and text that will give you guidance for your content creation and development in order to move in a fast pace. We’ve been doing this for over 10+ years, we know precisely what you need and what your customers are expecting.

How long will take the entire process from beginning to end?

Normally takes about 2-3 weeks depending on various factors, If there are going to be any third party software that needs to be integrated it could extend the length of development, other factors could be content production, photo’s retouching and or specific requirements by the client that could delay the process of delivery however, as soon as you are committed with us you will have an amazing “coming soon landing page” that will create excitement as well as collecting some database of clients that will help market your services very quickly. This landing page happens within 48hrs of the acceptance of your agreement.

I can't wait 2-3 weeks - i need my website done in 1 week, is this possible?The answer is YES, however you may be charge a rush fee in order to give priority to your process - in another hand, keep in mind this does not include integration with third party platforms. Contact Us to go over details if you have any urgency.