What can you offer to get better talents to your creative team?

I just read this post from a company that I admire very much for the way the are creating their process, culture and design. InVisionApp is looking for some talent and when I read the post at the end it says;

We offer:

  • Highly competitive salary
  • Stock options
  • Premium health coverage
  • Macbook Air
  • Membership at health club of your choice
  • Unlimited books from Amazon
  • Unlimited Starbucks card
  • Half-day Fridays!

for real? men, how can all the companies understand that as simple as it sounds and as cool as it is, there is no better incentive for any one (with a creative mindset) than this! The only thing that I think its missing is a matching 401K plan and it will be perfect! What do you think?

Charlie GreenComment