Webflow, Squarespace, Shopify or Adobe Muse?

So I just “discover” webflow, the new application cloud base that helps design and create responsive websites in “no time”.  I’ve been looking to all the videos, tutorials and so far my comments are positive about the entire infrastructure and the idea behind the code to have this “drag and drop” elements in place and have the “white canvas” - but what is the point to have a system that basically is competing today with (to my preference) the biggest companies out there SQUARESPACE and SHOPIFY that are really out there if you are not going to disrupt! What do I mean by that? simple;

1) To make and have a white canvas a design and drag and drop and create parallax - responsive sites that are incredibly cool I have Adobe Muse that makes all that and I don’t have to pay $78/month x 12 (billed annually) when I’m already paying my creative cloud membership that ANY creative person in the world will need to survive and do its job - there is no true designer that can make it without Adobe Creative Cloud, period! I don’t care who you are or what you design, you will not make it without all the tools that Adobe offers today.

2) On top of that - I need to learn now another tool (which is not that much of a problem - but now you are trying to make designers understand what a container is and a div is - really? Designers DON’T CARE about div, CSS, containers and so forth - they care about designing and make the user flow (in the case of UXrs) work. FYI good reading for this http://amzn.com/0321965515 

Now what’s left?

Squarespace needs to think about the possibility of the white canvas and add capabilities for e-commerce that are as comparable to Shopify - once they have this it will be a tough competitor.

Shopify, is fine and nice the “liquid coding” but not user friendly for designers - guys, there are more designers than developers - make our life easier and you will sell more - don’t make things in the way that “if you don’t code this you will not be able to make it work” open that mentality and make it simple for THINKER AND CREATIVE TOO. and now we will have another tough competitor and last but not least, a product that not everyone is paying to much attention but is growing in gigantic steps - ADOBE MUSE. Still not there yet, but what they need in order to be a super tough competitor and the best choice for all of us? simple; Add e-commerce functionality (Shopify alike) and provide a reliable, easy and simple hosting solution that makes sense.

In conclusion.

Web flow is a nice great in process application that can be very competitive, and don’t get me wrong, I think this company is not far to make it happened but its not my choice today. Shopify makes e-commerce creation for omni channel companies, online or store a fun place to be but the level of simplicity that Squarespace provides with the elegance that you can create a page is priceless to me. You can also sell in Squarespace (but you cannot take your company to the next level in e-commerce for that you will need Shopify or Shopify plus for enterprise level and let me tell you it is the most robust e-commerce platform I’ve ever seen - it’s truly a monster!)


  1. For website white canvas: Adobe Muse
  2. For website template base: Squarespace
  3. For e-commerce: Shopify.

but who has it all in one product? no one, yet! 

Charlie GreenComment