Let me start saying in a very humble way - I DON”T CARE if you are graduated from Graphic Design or not - what I care is that if you are going to lead a group about anything related to design you need to have the knowledge and the principals of what design is. I know people that are graduated in Graphic Design fields and have the most horrible taste for design - as well as people that never ever went to school for design and are artists by nature! What matters is that YOU should be humble enough to admit that you don’t know as much as you need in this field, so step aside and let the ones that knows do, period.

Not too long ago, I’ve work with a company where the “Head” thought he understood and knew about creativity, design, typeface including usability design and user experience design more over user centered design, however all the outputs and the end results of anything the team was trying to create came out as crappy as you can imagine - 

The problem? not the designers or the seniors involve in creating this experiences - the problem was the HEAD, the LEAD, the upper management - not having a clear understanding and clear path to where the company, product or design should go or simply saying NO to all the “buttons” that the clients wish to have after analyzing all the data. All those buttons that the customer “wishes” to have is because the main experience was terrible and confusing. But the sad part is that there are HUNDREDS of companies like this that have a mess in the design process (not for saying have no design process whatsoever) which equals to a total mess user interface - but they still sell billions of dollars in products, why is that? lots of factors, one could be a good sort of inventory - other could be the convenience of been in the omni channel arena - but regardless of that - please understand something.

Generations mark a tendency - a trend. New generations are looking for COOL products, brands or services - they look for something that creates butterflies in their stomach at the time of purchase - they want to feel identified somehow with that company.

To have a reference, Apple. Apple is a company that could easily (if they want it to) be seating in their laurels creating “another black horrible computer” with keyboards that are clunky and sound like a can of beer every time you type - but no, Apple was innovative enough to understand the simplicity not only in the hardware area but also in the software arena where now the world imitates and all their looks, colors, designs even marketing and business strategies. Great for Apple, too bad for the others that have no power to innovate or create their own.

I remember in one of the companies that I’ve collaborate seen one of the leaders trying to imitate Steve Jobs in the way the guy was talking, walking, “thinking” and acting with its subordinates - but let me tell you - this guy look so ridiculous that was the laugh of all the design team all the time.

BE REAL, BE SMART, BE CREATIVE, BE YOU. Copying is fine and actually productive, however you need to have your own touch to mark and make a difference. 

SAY NO TO BUTTONS. Use what is need it. UX the heck out of any design before you put colors - it will make your life easier understand first the needs - later you will worry about everything else. less buttons is always better and your CTAs(Call to actions) will be more concise and there will be only one choice - not many - so your user will not be confuse!.

Charlie GreenComment