PROJECT COMET: A new experience for UXrs, coming soon from Adobe Creative Cloud

I have to be honest with you guys. I've been using Adobe since I remember I started in the field of creative and design, however - as "our creative world" evolves, I thought Adobe was lacking in good resources for User Experience Designers. Fireworks was (still available) a good "beginning" for what UX started to be. Illustrator in another hand, was not build or created for UX either, and Photoshop start making some changes but still it wasn't there yet... Photoshop was lacking a lot of the features need it for UX such as art boards creation and truly the experiences of managing layers the way photoshop was intended to be for UX was not the most convenient for any of us. 

Later I discover SKETCH from bohemian coding and let me tell you id di change the way you start creating wireframes and making prototypes when you use it with Invision App and so far that has been my 2 big sources of softwares to create my wires, customer flows, and prototypes.

This past week Adobe announce some new features that make me feel so proud for them. Like I said when I started this blog, I've been using Adobe for years and to me Illustrator, Photoshop and Indesign are so far irreplaceable for what the softwares where intended to be since day one. The announcement about these new features for Creative Cloud make now the softwares really, really powerful. It's just amazing all the things that you can do and not only that but the cool thing is the integration between any of this apps through Creative Cloud - you are really connected!

There is a new app called PROJECT COMET launching in 2016. This is the product that I was expecting from Adobe to be created - is a mix of SKETCH, PHOTOSHOP, ILLUSTRATOR and INVISION - it makes so much sense now to have something like this. I don't understand and never did - why SKETCH (which took a lot of the market share for UX software) didn't combined and create animations to have a better prototype experience all in - probably the best way would be partnership with Invision and bring all that experience together!, they better do something, because Adobe is coming out pretty strong and I'm sure most of us will prefer to continue in the same environment of work instead of jumping from one to another, moreover having the "peace of mind" that Adobe is in the business for many, many years and they are here to stay. One of the barriers that most of this new apps for UX needs to go through is the "reliability" of having a company that can stay and don't disappear later and you are haning with tons of files that cannot be transfer to any other software.

Adobe, great job! can wait to see this product live and start using it.

THE DOWNSIDE: man, we are now like doctors in the need of learning and studying on a daily basis! we have tens of new softwares to learn, each one specialized better and better to make our life "easier".