Phil Carter & Patricia Nakache of Trinity Ventures Show How Mobile Commerce Will Yield the Next $100B Startup

Great article by: Danielle Morrill from

Last week I was fortunate to grab a coffee and check out a thing of beauty – a market map painstakingly created by one of our customers to uncover the structure of the mobile commerce opportunity in venture capital. In this guest post, Phil Carter and Patricia Nakache of Trinity Ventures explore a trend that has them captivated.

TLDRThe rise of mCommerce represents the single most important wave of retail innovation since consumer brands first began selling goods and services online 20 years ago. Given the size of the opportunity, entrepreneurs who successfully execute on new mobile business models before the rest of the market stand to reap outsized returns. Especially exciting are new categories of consumer-facing businesses such as On-Demand and App-Based Services that could not exist prior to the smartphone — and are sure to spawn a small stampede of new unicorns!


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