First of all, Merry Christmas everyone! I was unpacking some of the presents this christmas and while I was doing that I took my camera (nikon D600) and start taking some pictures to the family - later I was thinking about a wide lens that I'm really dying to get AF-S NIKKOR 14-24mm f/2.8G ED to have better perspectives for my family pictures - so I went to the website and start thinking while I was going over the website, why Nikon have this OLD SCHOOL WEBSITE currently as their main website? - Nikon guys, honestly I'm a FAN of your products and I'm in love with everything you guys make but Nikon's website is so poor, ugly and have no UXD at all - at least you guys just change recently the landing page so it can have a "fresher look" (I can imagen the head of design for web at Nikon USA or Nikon Headquarters thinking that this site is killer now with the changes recently made - typical of corporations that have no Design thinking but they truly believe they do hehehe) - well I guess if you compare that with CANON's website it is definitely a "killer site" - men CANON's website looks like those first websites from the 90's - so clutter, busy, dark, small, difficult, have no retail principal AT ALL - is just a complete mess.

This type of brands that have multiple verticals should have a better understanding of their market - wants and needs - differentiate strategically what WE THE USERS really want and really need - I strongly suggest to create some MOCKUPS, PERSONA ANALYSIS and do some research before you guys decide to add any other product in this busy, horrible, ugly, boring an poor websites with great products but with no visual concept - is unbeilable that this brands still sells online! but well I guess is the only thing you have right? so is ok to be mediocre in your UX, I guess?

NIKON and CANON Marketing / Design / UX team can you please CHANGE / REPLACE or RE-DO your complete website with a better user experience design and have some love for your brand in creating something that should be more to what your standards should be? It will really be very appreciated by your loyal customers and your brands will be so thankful - probably you will see a reaction with some sales increase and brand awareness later. IF YOU GUYS NEED HELP - CALL ME - I'LL BE MORE THAN GLAD TO HELP.

Charlie GreenComment