Tips to make a good UX team.

Most of the new creative companies have this beautiful setups made with collaboration in mind where there is practically no walls or divisions and where everything is about collaboration and open spaces that resounds in the most beautiful aesthetic work environments which makes to all the employees a desire to work and be part of the company.

The inclusion of UXrs (user experience designers) is not only “trendy” but is also need it and it is great to know that as time moves on - most of the companies are understanding that in order to build and create better experiences they need to have UXrs that can help create and build the necessary teams that will understand behaviors and data in order to bring the best design possible for the users.

Take this suggested tips to create the best UX team in your company that will help you grow in a healthy environment.

  1. DON’T make your UXrs report to designers or developers - please understand that User Experience Design is at the TOP of the ladder when it comes to creation and designing. Follow the picture bellow to understand where your UX seats in your creative field. UXrs will really help you think different, not only beautiful but different. 
  2. Open spaces are great but your UX team needs its own space. They need a room where they can always refer (and no one else use it) for UX Stand Ups - something you want to make sure it happens in your company on a weekly basis if possible, this way all the UXrs know which one is doing what and if there is any "concerns" anyone is encountering - the entire team will be involve and be part of the problem as well as the solution = TRUE COLLABORATION.
  3. Provide all the necessary tools to your team and make sure they can SYNC through dropbox or any other file sharing software.
  4. Use Creative Cloud; encourage your team to collaborate through the usage of creative cloud - once you start getting use to sharing files and libraries your collaboration is a breeze.
  5. Other creative softwares to provide to your team are SKETCH, Axure (great software for UXrs, i know that the interface looks old - probably done by a non-creative person - but is very powerful), Hype (for animations is great), INVISION APP (you will not be able to get away without using INVISION in your company - as simple as that - INVISION is really, really collaborative)
  6. Provide SHARPIES, BIG sheets of papers (11x17) and also 8.5 x 11 works - 
  7. Don’t forget about Post-its - normally you will need YELLOW, GREEN, PINK, BLUE.
  8. Understand DATA - design with data in mind. Your result will be different - an no- don't design because "this is how you want it" design because this is what your customers NEEDS.
  9. Whiteboards (the bigger the better) or try to make one of the walls as your whiteboard with paints like or smartsurfaces.comthis really works great and the environment becomes incredibly creative.
  10. Last but not least - allow your UXrs to create, design, brainstorm with a background music (if they want)- you will think is wrong but when you let the team implement and integrate (responsibly) music in their creative moments your results will explode in the most beautiful creative possibilities you’ve never imagine!.

if you want to make a difference, if you want to disrupt, if you want to create uniqueness implement a culture of UX in your company and make see your numbers grow in no time!. 

Last but not least, don’t forget to pay them well!

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Charlie GreenComment