iOS or Android?

iOS or Android

That is the question that I've hear lately - people asking me "what would you recommend to use"? Well here are my thoughts.

About a couple of months ago, I decide tu turn my iPhone 4s in exchange for the Nexus 5 and also exchange my other line that I was carrying with an iPhone5 for the new iPhone6 - saying this I think I have now the best of both worlds. I did this intentionally just for the fact that I've been "forced" to start designing  more and more for Android Applications and couldn't really understand a few thing until I can really try them both at the same time and see the "why" in one operating system against the other.

Let me start with Android. I ALWAYS thought that Android was a bad copy of what iOS really is - as matter of fact I've always believed that Android did plagiarism in many ways to iOS - now the truth is that I was making this comments based on articles that I read previously but not because I was using an Android device. My first device was the NEXUS 7 (tablet) and I didn't quite enjoy it - I think it was missing a couple of things and couldn't get use to having buttons overlay in the same screen that belong to the main phone navigation - also true, I was using using Jelly Bean and not Kit Kat. Later the moment of truth came in when iPhone 6 came on board with iOS8 and I download that into my iPhone 4S and the phone couldn't handle it and  then I decide to give it a chance to the NEXUS 5 - also blaming on Tomas Figueroa - a fellow guy that currently work at our office in Central America - by telling me overtime he could that for him Android was better than iOS - 

At this point I've try them both extensively! now running Lollipop in my NEXUS 5 and it really rocks - the operating system is very nice - it feels solid and have very nice animations - what I like the most about Android is the level of configurations you can do to your phone - but in another hand if you keep messing to much with the phone - the phone will start acting weird and could crash - I've did a couple of things and I have to bring all the settings back to factory standards for that reason - but the phone is nice - camera is ok, video is nice, and have a few features that I really like but my favorite one is when you say "OK GOOGLE" you could literally ask ANYTHING and this guy won't miss one! In general terms - if I need to buy another Android yes I will get another one, its a cheap phone, it connects perfectly with all the Google Apps (in my case I use EVERYTHING with Google) and it does a good job. Battery last enough even if you are streaming your music in your car with Bluetooth (which normally dry's the battery out) but is works well.

in terms of User Experience; it does a good job - i think is a different approach even when you design and have to think about how all this apps works in Android - they are very different in many ways. I don't think that Android creates "emotions" when you do something or you interact with the operating system - something that iOS do.

If Google continue the way the are doing things to attack Apple and iOS they might be hurting Apple in a big time - however I think Apple is strategizing something that maybe revolutionized the way we are using the phone so far and could re-invent what a phone is for the second time.

iPhone 6: Clearly there is NOTHING BETTER in terms of hardware than iPhone. Jony Ive is just a genius, period! however I do believe (as a designer) that not everything that Jony Ive probably would like to have in the design for iOS8 is there today - I still think there is A LOT OF ROOM to improve and change and make a big leap into innovation of what the operating system could really be - iOS8 is very elegant, very clean, very simple to use, very intuitive (Google LACKS in a few things about intuitions - I don't know if they create their "personas" well and really study them extensively before they finalized and wrap the product) but at the end of the day I feel that is the "same operating system" with a few more features (a few of them exist before in Android) with a nicer font (Helvetica Neue) but is almost the same thing we've been seen in the last decade but, watch out; something is coming along the lines of Apple Watch - yes I know, the Apple watch kit is made exclusively for a small device that will help you control all the apps in a even more simple way - but this is exactly what I think is important - SIMPLICITY -

look what happened with Yosemite, is now less clutter (don't get me wrong, Maverick was already clean enough but it was not there yet) - the level of simplicity that I truly believe is the should of Apple is why is taking a little bit more time to release something KILLER - because creating simple things takes time and is the most difficult thing to do for any designer, developer, etc.. We have now SWIFT as new programing language for OXTools, Yosemite (to me is the beginning of the disruption of what an operating system should be) and I'm sure iOS9 will probably re-invent the way we are using the phone).

I feel today that the big difference between one device to the other is more in the hardware than the software - both do the same - batteries almost last equally the same (iPhone charges faster though) - apps are almost all the apps for Android and iOS - still when you need to design is better iPhone in many ways - all the documentation and guidelines are spotless and simple to understand and use but that doesn't mean that Android is not good - is just a matter of taste.

iPhone still to me is the best experience overall but watch out because Android is getting very solid. You make the choice.