I am UXD

Today after a few conversations with other colleagues, they ask me, are you a UX DESIGNER? and I say Yes I am. A few of them didn’t seem to understand exactly what a UX designer is and refers to as; oh, you do modern logos right? another one said, no men, he does website designs and last but not least the third one ask, Charlie - when a company needs to integrate or hire someone like you? there are hundreds of graphic designers out there and you are going to be another one that will be starving to death selling your services cheap because everyone else does.

I didn’t know if I should laugh or cry - I’m telling you guys - this are people coming from the advertising, graphic industry (senior executives) that didn’t have a clue why do companies need people like us and why we are so important lately - more over I see every day post in search jobs that are completely off in what the job description should really be for a User Experience Designer.

To make the story short - one of them invite me to a room where he was doing a speech to a potential client and while they where doing the speech the client refer to me also as, oh and you are the graphic designer for our new branding campaign and web? and in that moment with a very mellow voice - took a deep breath and say to him;

I am a UX Designer

I'm the person that will not only help you understand your Web or Software needs and structure but also to understand what is the best experience for your clients, what is the best flow scenario for a software and also for any product or service you are thinking to create, I will help you mapping your customer journey and will lead the personas creation so your company can understand better your clients and help you sell more, I will also help you understand your best design approach in graphics and branding - something that works not because you like it or want it but because you need it and your customers are always first - they expect from you the best - and that is probably not what you like or suggest.  I will help you understand your data and create and design things that are solid in foundations, not opinions.

User Experience Design is the pillar of the Design Thinking Approach. Anything that interacts with the customer - product or service regardless if it’s physical or digital needs User Experience Design. Think about any top 10 company and they all have in place a solid UXD foundation. If your company does not thinks about design first approach, you most likely will be vulnerable in ways of disappearing!

UX oversees; Graphic Design, UI Design, User Research and Data Analysis as well as have a very BIG opinion in strategy. Having a knowledgable User Experience Designer in your company is priceless, why? Because we are the HEAD OF DESIGN THINKING. We are the ones that will make your company exist in the next years bringing customer loyalty to your brand and creating the best awareness possible for your company.

…right after I said this, the client said to my friend, I want that guy working in our project ASAP, but guess what, I’m not an employee in that company so until next time.

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