How do you feel when someone steals your designs and plagiarize your work?

This happened to me a few times already in my career and a few days ago someone approach me saying that he has been a victim of plagiarism - my answer to him was basically;

The world is full of thieves - is full of people that have no ideas, no innovation and no leadership and when they “discover” someone that have ideas, creativity, innovation and is a true leader they want to steal from you all your work and "sometimes" (only sometimes) there is nothing you can do until one day when time comes and you can prove them or someone else wrong. You can always look at it in a different perspective, what about if I tell you that DON’T WORRY ABOUT PEOPLE STEALING YOUR DESIGNS, YOUR CREATIVITY, YOUR INNOVATION, THE WAY YOU DISRUPT AND CREATE SOMETHING DIFFERENT, WORRY WHEN THEY DON’T DO IT!

To all great creatives, designers, disruptors and innovators keep up the good work and make sure to CYA in all aspects because world is round and there will be a time to show the world that you where the one, not them! in a perfect example: Apple and Microsoft who stole to who?

Charlie GreenComment