CEO's and Presidents should be designers!

DesignerI haven’t been writing for a while. Been so busy helping old clients and new ones, traveling and finalizing a few new products that are about to be public - so the last 2 months have been incredibly busy. Nevertheless I came back to write and blog many things and I want to start talking about my passion - DESIGN AND CREATIVITY. The world could be different if ALL the CEOs will be creative people and designers. Design is not only about creating a logo, or creating a nice graphics for your t-shirt - it goes way beyond that - Creativity is something that not everybody have but everybody should look for or at least try and learn to developed that skill. When you own a company you have to design everything; the experience of your employees working for your company the experience of your clients buying your products or services the way your employees interact with you and between them the environment where you plan to developed and spend your 40+ hours per week to create, produce and meet, which are more hours that you will spend on a weekly basis at home. and so forth and so on,,

if a CEO doesn’t understand today that this is one of the most important factors why new and old companies don’t last - take for a fact that it will not make it in today’s competitive world.

I’ve been working lately for a few new clients (I can’t disclose names) and it’s sad that one of the companies that I’ve been creating new things , new designs and try to plan new structures to create a better user experience for their clients and even for the internal users (admin people) the President of the company - the CEO of the company does’t understand process, designs, wireframes, mockups, structures, er-diagrams, development process and you are “hired” with your team just to create - not what the product or service needs to have to be in the BIG LEAGUES but what the President/CEO wants which is not the same!, or your do what the products needs to be successful or you do what the President/CEO (which is more lost than Santa in May) as you to do! By the way, did I mention than this companies normally have products or services online, huge database of clients but lack of management and leadership to a point that non of the employees cares about the future of the company - company that give them the check to live today! It’s incredible.

You need to be creative, you need to be a designer in your field, you always need to innovate. Provide to your employees good space of work, liberty and freedom to think out of the box. Don’t be afraid of changes - changes are good. Don’t give me the crap of If it’s not broken why fix it that is so mediocre so poor. You cannot think like that today. Technology is advancing - going forward - no backwards - softwares are constantly changing for a better not for the worst. The world is getting more connected and you need to make things right. Don’t just charge your customers because you want to make a few more bucks! if you think like that - your company won’t last.

Be challenging, be innovative, be creative, be collaborator, be careful, be a team player. Providing leadership is not closing the doors of your office, is opening the doors and be part of the solutions, don’t just bring more problems!

Are you ready to change? are you ready to be different? Start creating, start designing, start be more loyal to you, to your clients and your team. Be truthful! Be creative, be a designer.