Can you live without music?

In April of this year I wrote an article about Spotify vs itunes and my preference was Spotify over iTunes. I'm heading back to US after over 8 days working in our office in Central America and I cannot tell you how peaceful is to me working with music. After brainstorming with all the team, creating UXD Wireframing for a new project (a very intense one) - I couldn't wait to get back on my computer, turn on spotify and keep working. I don't conceive my life without music, it will be almost impossible for me to do anything. Music is like the battery that I need in order to do "almost anything" - from creating to thinking to numbers to get inspired all the way to relaxing and concentrate in the most difficult task during the day.

A good friend of mind Tito Junco, a 56yr old cuban guy PHD in Music always provides me with great "music for the rest of us" that goes into my iTunes folder - nevertheless the way Spotify works is just incredible - it just surprise me with music that I didn't even remember that exist and in other cases some new tunes that are just as terrific as the old ones.

During this last week I was talking to my about Spotify and how cool will be to have an "business account" for the entire company so we can all have the benefit of enjoy nice music and share playlist while working - unfortunately Spotify is not available in EL Salvador and as much as I try to get an account for the team - the IP of the country didn't allow me to create any type of account at all...nevertheless my account did work so it save me the week.

iTunes Radio is better than the "radio experience" that iTunes use to have - however i personally prefer Spotify only because the experience of collaborating and sharing is way beyond...don't get me wrong I love itunes to mange my 500GB of music that I've been collecting throughout the years but at the same time since I discover Spotify I have almost 1 new playlist each week that I can share with my friends and not only that but I can ask my friends to help me keep my playlist current and up to date.

I don't know you, but to me is just as simple as "life without music makes no sense - it's so boring and your sense are not aware of gazzillions of things that you your brain can discover will having the perfect tune for the perfect task - try it and you will see the difference - you will get so focus on your task that you will not want to do anything else without music.....

For those who would like to follow my playlist please look for cgreedesign on spotify.