Apple announce new event!! It's coming's coming...

WEDNESDAY, Oct 20th 2010 | 10am Pacific Time

Are you kidding me? Wow, this guys are incredible. After all this time having optimized Snow Leopard OSX now Apple is coming out with it will be A FANTASTIC NEW OPERATING SYSTEM and God nows what else. I've been using Apple for more than 10 years already and this operating system truly rocks, no virus, no problems, no nothing, yet no operating system is 100% reliable or perfect I would say that OSX is 99% optimized. Sorry PC users, I know that windows 7 was "your" idea but its only a copy from the original - and I have to say, a bad copy - nevertheless, I can't wait  now to see Jobs on stage with his amazing keynotes that are a standard already at Apple events. The invitation features an Apple logo with a lion peeking out from behind. And in case the lion imagery wasn't enough of a clue for a company that enjoys cat-themed code names for its operating system updates, Apple explicitly promises a "sneak peek of the next major version of Mac OS X" on October 20.

It looks like this even't will be more than "sneak preview" of what will be OSX 10.7 and like I say who knows what else are we going to see as sneak previews, but I think next year might be a new year for new hardware too, probably new laptops, a new Mac Pro and hopefully we have soon a new version of iWorks and iLife too. Its been 22 month since the launch of 2009 versions so its about time now. Stay tune for more updates!