To all my fellow UXrs we got good news, ADOBE EXPERIENCE DESIGN (formerly Project Comet) is finally launch! I just downloaded and been playing a little for a few minutes and I can tell you that is toooooo simple - anyone will be bale to start using Experience Design in no time.

As a suggestion to Adobe, the simplicity is always good actually is great but for us Adobe Users we are use to many Adobe tools or the way they are represented in other softwares like Illustrator, Photoshop and so forth and even though the sofware is outstanding I feel that is kinda of "incomplete" - like something is missing - for an instance - I don't see where is my layers panel or my library panel either - features that probably (and I'm pretty sure) it'll come with updates, but keep in mind Adobe that Sketch is a very, very, very strong competitor with great alliances now with INVISION APP. Their latest update (made today) announced Silver Flow to Invision - meaning that you can do the same that you are doing now with Experience Manager but with the addition that you have the collaboration part.

You see, the problem here is not the money - is not about subscription for INVISION or Adobe Creative Cloud - that is peanuts - the issue is how far can you go with Sketch/Invision now and with Experience Manager - how fast can you work with either or - and the best way to keep all the feedback from stakeholders in the same place.

Adobe, think about this.

  • If you add the posibility of having that "collaboration management" that INVISION offers.
  • If you add to that equation Layers, Libraries and make the shortcuts more into what Adobe users are use to.
  • If you add on top of that something like - this will make Experience Manager the holy grail! We design with customer feedback and having this type of feature that somehow will help us (the UXrs) show to stakeholders that we've not only design but also test our design in the same spot, it'll be priceless.

I can assure that you by adding this feature you will be by far the authority in the market. But watch out with Sketch - God knows what they are creating and making - we have to be fair here - they where the first, that's all I can say - if you want come out later with a new software you better have something that is really good and that make us (the UXrs) not want it to leave without it (like when you use Illustrator, Photoshop, Indesign, Lightroom, you really don't want to go with others) - should be the same feeling.

Axure is nice but is to complicated and also have a bad UX (ironic but true) - the software looks like some IBM developer design the software and forgot that little part that it was intended to be for designers (WE THINK DIFFERENT).

Charlie GreenComment